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The GENESIS Association was founded on November 29th, 1995 to promote the health and well-being of street children, orphans, and the most impoverished sections of the wider population. Read More......

Primary Healthcare Clinics
The GENESIS Association runs a Charity Medical Clinic in the Didube district of Tbilisi and two community based rural type Primary Healthcare Clinics in the Khelvachauri (Adjara Autonomous Republic) and Lagodekhi (Khaketi region) regions of Georgia

Charity Projects
The number of children living at shelters and orphanages in Georgia is approximately 5,500, with a further 2,500 children estimated to live and work under the open sky.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity Building for Rural Communities of Georgia
GENESIS implements the project in three rural areas in Georgia: Adjara (frequent landslides), Shida Kartli (armed conflicts) and Kakheti (frequent floods) due to high risk of disasters in these regions.

Emergency Responce Programs
The GENESIS’ team started covering identified medical and non-medical emergency needs of IDP shelters from the 15th of August 2008


March, 2011
GENESIS prepared and published "Organisation of Primary Health care services – Practical guide for medical professionals"

24 February, 2011
The round table was organized by GENESIS.
The agenda of the round table covered:
I. Presentation of two manuals of GENESIS created in 2010:
1. "Manual for Primary Health Care Service providers in rural Georgia"
2. "Organisation of Primary Health care services - roadmap for medical professionals"
II. The recent changes in the PHC Policy and Regulations.

6 October, 2010
The GENESIS Association purchased drugs for Sopho Giorgadze, orphan from Aspindza Orphanage, for medical treatment.

September, 2010
The GENESIS and MoLHSA prepared and published an integrated one practical guide "The Manual for Primary Health Care Service providers in rural Georgia"

11 Jule, 2010
The GENESIS Association organazed seminar for Primary Health Care providres in Lagodekhi region of Georgia. Invited specialist Dr. Nunu Nozadze, the head of the Public Health Office in Lagodekhi District conducted seminar on the theme of "Viral Hepatitis A, B, C".

11 May, 2010
The GENESIS Association took part in the meeting of the forum of the organizations active in children’s rights protection. The GENESIS Association signed a memorandum of cooperation.


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