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The GENESIS Association was founded on November 29th, 1995 to promote the health and well-being of street children, orphans, and the most impoverished sections of the wider population. Read More......

Improving Economic Independence and Social Inclusion of formerly institutionalised Adolescents and Youth in Georgia
The focus of the project is to support vulnerable adolescents and youth (aged 16-23) who are at significantly increased risk as a result of being removed from child-care providing institutions in Georgia due to the accelerated de-institutionalisation process, or because of their having passed the age-limit.

Primary Healthcare Center in Ortabatumi
The GENESIS Primary Healthcare Centre in Ortabatumi, Khelvachauri region, Ajara Autonomic Republic in West Georgia has been given the state license for the clinical activities and started operating from November of 2001.

The GENESIS PHC centre in Ortabatumi is the only provider of the required outpatient medical services for 9 villages (for about 10,500 population) in Khelvachauri region

Rehabilitation Project
The Rehabilitation Centres was established with Ortabatumi PHC centre by the funding of the Japanese Government.

The GENESIS implemented continuous medical education training sessions in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation coordinated by Dr. Jann from Switzerland, who visited Batumi Rehab centre of GENESIS out-patient clinic periodically and supervised treatment and rehabilitation of handicapped children and adults living in the surrounding mountainous villages.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity Building for Rural Communities of Georgia
GENESIS implements the project in three rural areas in Georgia: Adjara (frequent landslides), Shida Kartli (armed conflicts) and Kakheti (frequent floods) due to high risk of disasters in these regions.

The Genesis Association as a partner of the Home-care coalition of NGOs in Georgia accomplishes the Home-care project in the Ortabatumi district of Adjara.

The goal of the project is to deliver a full range of regular homecare services to the handicapped, elderly, disabled and socially marginalized households. Now a total number of direct beneficiaries of home-care services is 20.


The GENESIS Association organazed training on the themes of:

Jule, 2014
"Team and Leader"
"Basic Human Rights and Citizenship"

August, 2014
"Basic IT skills"
"Accountability and Financial Literacy"
"General work and office skills, workplace ethics"

September, 2014
"Healthy Lifestyle, and complimentary course in First Aid skills"


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