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Family Type Rehabilitation Center "Lampioni"
for Homeless Children, Tbilisi, Georgia

The family type rehabilitation center is located on the territory of the former kindergarten in Isani-samgori district of Tbilisi, Georgia and functions from November 1, 2001. The center is foreseen for 50 children, that enter it by the decision of the committee of the underage children of Isani-samgori district gamgeoba. This center works for twenty-four-hour and takes care of 4-14 years old children from large families, socially unprotected, vagrants, orphans and children in ward. The parents can take children on weekends and holidays if they wish.

The center is totally on the expanse of the state budget, more exactly on expanse of the education economics service submitted to the municipality. The half-area of the rehabilitation center was destroyed as a result of the earthquake and its reconstruction-repairing is planned in the future. There are studying and playing rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and room for music in the center. There is also a chapel, that is founded by Father Ioan from the Betlem monastery.

26 children from enlisted ones are pupils and visit adjacent schools under the supervision of the teachers. The center is facing a lot of difficulties. Only 2 Laries are discharged for the four-times daily food for one child, that is insufficient for satisfying complete nutritional needs of the children. Besides this, there is only one water heater (Thermex) in the center, that also can not satisfy the needs.

Different charity organizations are taking care of children’s health. This is the permanent aid and includes the primary health care, medical consultations and provision of the medicines. Specially must be mentioned the care and assistance of miss Elizabeth Klinke- the regional coordinator of MSF Tbilisi program and the president of GENESIS association Maia Mgaloblishvili, coordinator of charity activities Ketevan gogolashvili and the whole staff of this association for their constant attention and assistance. The children are not forgotten by the private persons too. The shoes and coats given by them as a gift made children very happy.

At present, we have a lot of difficulties and problems in the center, but the great assistance of different organizations and private persons gives us the hope, that situation will change to better one, as well as attention toward the children without guardianship will increase greatly in the nearest future.

If you want to assist the orphans, please contact us.


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