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Clinics: Primary Healthcare Center in Ortabatumi

PHC Center is situated in Ortabatumi village, Khelvachauri region of Ajara Autonomic republic in West Georgia at the border with Turkey.

Ortabatumi Community: 10,042 population in 9 adjacent villages in Khelvachauri region.

Ortabatumi PHC has been given the state license for the clinical activities and started operating from November of 2001.

The medical staff of the PHC center: Paediatrician, Therapist, Gynecologist, Laboratory doctor and two Nurses.

Climate conditions create serious problems for accessibility of PHC centre in Ortabatumi. Ortabatumi community which is spread in nine villages on the mountains covered with subtropics vegetation have no road during intensive rain season which starts from early October. Thanks to our Swiss donated 6X6 military medical evacuation Ambulance, our doctors could reach families in severe health crisis.

Primary Health education sessions/on-site consultations arranged by Genesis for Ortabatumi PHC centre

Nine educational Primary Health sessions/seminars on the most acute healthcare problems of the targeted populations were arranged by GENESIS from 2001. Free of charge medical consultations/examinations (200 patiens) were carried out during the Education seminars.

33 Health Educational brochures printed in 13.200 copies have been prepared and spread among the targeted Ortabatumi Community.

These publications were spread in targeted community not only during the seminars and specialised medical consultations arranged by invited consultants, but also by all medical personnel of the PHC centre while providing medical consultations to their patients on a daily basis. There is a very high demand for the primary healthcare publications of GENESIS among the community members. Many members have been coming back to collect extra copies for their neighbours who could not come themselves (especially for the old people and invalids).


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