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The Children's Shelter "Satnoeba", Tbilisi, Georgia

The Rehabilitation Center for Vulnerable Children "Satnoeba" was built in 1965. Initially it was functioning as the kindergarten for 120 pupil but due to reduction of the contingent and the heavy economic state in the country on September 10, 1998 it was transformed by the Municipality of Tbilisi into the Rehabilitation Center for Vulnerable Children, for 50 children. Currently there are 60 pupils at the center.

"Satnoeba" gives shelter to orphan, abandoned children, children from extremely poor families, whom the destiny forced to live at the charity of others. Their life is full of many hardships and disparity. Pupils of the Center constantly live in the Center, they have no other home. The age of the children is from 5 to 11. They are the pupils of the school No 94 providing general secondary education. The school is within 30 meters from the Center.

Currently the Center has many problems to manage, but only by its forces it will be impossible to overcome these problems. The Center is at the expense of the regional budget. Daily 2 GEL is spent for food (4 times feeding) from the state funding. In addition to it the once a month the UNO Food Program supplies the Rehabilitation Center with the food. It includes oil, flour, beans etc. According to the estimate, communal and office resources apportioned from the budget is too meager.

The Genesis Association rendering support to the Rehabilitation Center to solve its problems and namely it renders the Center medical support. On January 28 2003 this humanitarian organization handed over the gift to the children of the Center – excellent Dutch footwear and jackets.

Children of the Center are talented ones, they are mastering art of singing and painting. The Center attributes great significance to religious education. We have a small room –chapel.

The rehabilitation center has a large yard, but it needs sports grounds (football, basketball and volleyball). The building of the Center is repaired but it has no heating system. The rooms are heated by wood furnaces. We have no hot water, we need hard and soft inventory, we need school inventory, medicaments, soap and many other objects.

Angelina Beriashvili,
Director of the shelter "Satnoeba"

If you want to assist the orphans, please contact us.


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